10 Ways to Radiate Peace

by Guest Writer

Lately, it seems as if every notification we get on our phones has to do with tragedy. Our world is losing lives left and right, from young to old, and nothing seems to bring closure.

We want to bring some good news to you today. Today is International Peace Day, and we’re working to radiate peace to everyone around us. Won’t you join us and do the same?

1. Smile at a stranger. More often than not, we’re walking around with a scowl on our faces, avoiding eye contact as best we can. Keep your chin up while your walking, and smile at passerbyers to brighten their day.

2.Rear back on the road rage. Whether you’re commuting to work, or even walking on a busy New York City street, don’t let people moving at a slower pace put a damper on your day. Odds are, there’s not inconveniencing you as much as you feel like they are. Stay calm, and move around them.

3.Compliment others on more than their looks. This doesn’t mean complimenting your friend’s new jacket is a bad thing, but try complimenting something other than your friend’s looks. Notice how good of a listener they are? Let them know. Let’s put less emphasis on looks.

4.Express Gratefulness. Always. Try writing down three things you’re grateful for every morning, just to make sure you’re not focusing too much on the bad things going on.

5.Cut out negativity. Whether it’s a bad attitude, or a negative friend, cutting that negative aspect out of your life will benefit your mood tremendously. If you’re positive, people around you will feel positive.

6.Don’t take things too seriously. Let loose when you want! Dance and sing and get those endorphins running. Don’t be afraid to be silly.

7.Find the beauty in the world. Look around you. Notice Mother Nature’s beauty.

8.Create fun. Don’t let a long work day, or long car ride bore you. Create your own fun!

9.Don’t be afraid to express love. With so much hate in the world, sometimes expressing love makes us uncomfortable.

10.Encourage others to radiate peace. Just think if we each passed on one peaceful thing we do to a friend, or neighbor, how much of an affect that could have on the world.


Happy International Peace Day.


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