Eco-Friendly Underwear For Every Occasion

by April Donelson

In honor of August 5th being “National Underwear Day” below are a few of my favorite eco-friendly underwear companies that are perfect for any occasion!


“For Working Out”-Bambooty Bikini Brief’s- $14 

Made with 55% Organic Cotton and 40% Viscrose from Bamboo these panties are perfect to wear while working out! The MOSOtech technology used in the fabric makes the fabric lightweight, breathable, temperature regulating, moisture wicking, anti-odor and event has a UPF 50+ sun protection.


“For That Time Of The Month”-THINX Cheeky Panties- $29

Yes it may sound absolutely insane but “period underwear” actually exist! No need to buy any more tampons or pads, which are not only not environmentally friendly but also unsafe to use because of issues like toxic shock syndrome. THINX panties work by using their patented technology that is moisture wicking, anti-microbial, absorbent (holds two tampons worth of liquid!!) and most importantly are leak resistant.


“For Your Man” PACT Men’s Sailboats Boxer Briefs- $19.99

Not only does PACT have fun pattern’s and colors for their men’s briefs the fabric is made from non-GMO organic cotton which basically means there were no pesticides, fertilizers or bleaches used when growing the cotton. Also unlike most mass producers of underwear, PACT does not produce any of their items in sweatshop.


“For That Special Someone” Clare Bare’s Sunset Strappy Panty- $52

Clare Bare is a Los Angeles based lingerie company that specializes in eco-friendly lingerie made from bamboo jersey and vintage fabric. Usually when you think eco-friendly you don’t think sexy but Clare Bare has taken eco-sexy to a whole new level! This Sunset Strappy Panty is made with sheer bamboo jersey that is hand died using traditional shibori techniques so every pair looks a little bit different.

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