DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

by Jon Porcasi

As a graphic designer, I always enjoy making cards-especially for Valentine’s Day. It shows the person you are giving the card to that you took the time to really think about them, and create something special. Here are a few easy DIY card ideas, with an eco-friendly twist, that your Valentine will hopefully love (and cherish) for years to come.

1. Hand Stitched Card: Using recycled paper, this is a fun way to showcase your handicraft skills. Simply create a dotted outline of a heart (or any easy shape, representative of your love of course). Then stitch around the outline using a thick yarn. It’s really that simple!

2. Deck of Cards: Though technically not a card in the traditional sense, using an old deck of cards, create an homage to your significant other, in a fun and quirky way. The only real steps involved, aside from your own creativity of course, is drilling 2 holes into the deck and then adding ribbon to hold it all together.

3. Bananagram: Using a banana as a canvas, create and cut any design into the peel using a sharp edge. The cut areas will darken but it won’t damage the fruit which makes it perfect for special lunch messages.

4. Sock Card: Using an old sock (or any old fabric) cut and glue the pieces into different shapes-to make a very personal Valentine’s Day Card. Props if they still smell like you.

5. Woven Straw: This is a very easy Valentine’s Day craft, utilizing drinking straws. All you need is 2 straws and a scissor. Check out this video tutorial that goes into the steps involved with creating these little keepsakes.


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