Dear Kermit, It’s Actually Easy Being Green!

by Alana Cowan

As the world becomes increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of our actions, eco18 rounds up eight simple and easy tips to pass along the green gene to your little ones to ensure a greener future. Too bad for Kermit though, the poor little frog didn’t realize how catchy his little ditty would become!

This up and coming green generation can start incorporating more responsible practices into their daily routines that will foster a lifetime of good earth. And, while It’s hard enough telling your kid to take out the trash, it’s a good reminder that “going green” really isn’t all that hard! By teaching your kids simple (and cost effective!) ideas on living greener now, they will grow up with more efficient habits, and will surely add a few of their own. Remember, our children are the future of Mother Earth!

Get to School Greener:

Whether you carpool with other families, encourage your child to ride a bike or embrace a healthy walk, you’ll be keeping the Earth greener – and your wallet greener. Save gas money and build community through a shared rides to school and school activities. Encourage a healthy walk or bicycle ride whenever possible. Maybe you can convince your kid to run some errands for you too!

Go Viral!

While our generation was buying DVD’s. books and magazines growing up, we should take advantage of our amazing technological advances and purchase our media online! While our children have the natural tendency to follow this generation’s trends of electronic and mobile technologies, encourage your family to stream television shows and movies on Netflix, purchase music on iTunes and download your favorite books and magazines. Going viral is an attractive way to avoid wasting resources, and it’s cheaper and greener than buying new! And if you’re kid’s been really good, spoil them with an iPod.

Donate Old Duds.

Let’s face it, nothing’s worse than a hoarder! We have plenty of old clothes and household items piling up in the garage, basement and throughout our kid’s rooms. Instead of letting old toys and clothes pile up and create clutter, have your kids go with you to donate used clothing and household items to local charities. It’s a feel good activity for the whole family to take a part in.

Shut Down.

Our mothers always hounded us a kid with the phrase, “Turn off the lights when you leave a room”. It’s so simple, and yet so hard to remember Kids usually think about turning off lights and appliances because kids in general aren’t cost conscious like we are. That means kids waste money and precious energy. When you’re not using lights or appliances, turn them off. How lazy can we get to not lift our finger and flick a switch? And, although computers are helping us waste less paper, remember to turn your computer off completely at night!

Suds Up After Dinner.

Most people don’t realize it, but dishwashers use much more water to wash a load of dishes than the traditional sink method does.  We should ONLY run the dish washer when it is completely full. So, to conserve water and energy, consider getting your kids to hand-wash after dinner to earn their weekly allowance. Heck, kids could use a good washing at the end of the day anyways!

Get out and PLAY!

Ease up on the video games and opt for a healthy exercise outdoors! Playing video cames on both computers and systems uses A LOT of energy! (That’s why our video game system and computer feel hot after long sessions!) You can save on energy by encouraging a healthy after school sport in the fresh outdoors instead of posting up in front of the TV or computer screen. Now, if only you could convince your kids to do their homework for a green activity!

Turn off the water while showering and brushing teeth.

Most people let the water run while soaping up or brushing, but that just wastes water. Run the water to get your towel and body or toothbrush wet, and then wash or brush with the water off. It saves water AND time because you end up focusing on getting clean and getting out of there! Thinking of more ways to stay clean and green? The new Radius toothbrush is also eco-friendly with recycled dollar bills and flax handles, reducing waste by reusing 93% and only replacing the head.


As cliche as the term “recycling” is in terms of environmental awareness, you’d be surprised by how many family don’t make it a solid habit. It’s important to reinforce this a family practice and enforce as an example. However, never underestimate the power of positive reinforcement. Keep a penny jar or some kind of incentive system for every time the kids place an item in the recycling bin.

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