Convenient, Green Products for Mom

by eco18

I’ve never heard of a mom who is not busy. Whether you work full-time and come home to take care of your family, or if you are home full-time, there’s no such thing as a mom with time to spare. That’s why I love products that make my life easier while still being environmentally friendly. Following are some products that I think you’ll find useful with your little ones.


Whether you’re looking for reusable cloth diapers or biodegradable disposable diapers, there are plenty of green choices. According to the World Watch Institute’s Good Stuff Guide, each year 20 billion diapers go to landfill in the United States, making them the third largest contributor to landfills. In addition it is estimated that it can take up to 500 years for disposable diapers to break down. The following are some alternatives to the traditional disposable diapers:

– What I like most about gDiapers is the versatility they offer. These plastic-free, elemental chlorine free, latex free and perfume free diapers can be used with either a cloth insert or a 100% biodegradable insert. The biodegradable insert breaks down in about 3 months, and can even be flushed down the toilet! These diapers offer parents flexibility in that you can use the cloth insert while at home and switch to the disposable insert while out (so you don’t have to tote stinky diapers around with you).

– Each FuzziBunz diaper package comes with one diaper and one insert. They feature snap button closure and come with a one-year warranty against defects. They have a soft micro-fleece inner layer and should keep your baby rash-free. FuzziBunz also makes a Diaper Tote for storing soiled diapers, which zips shut to lock in odor. And, for use at home they offer a Hanging Diaper Pail.

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers
—There’s no mistaking the convenience of disposable diapers, so if that’s the choice you decide to make, why not use one that will have minimal negative impact on the earth. These diapers are free of chlorine processing, fragrances, latex and petroleum-based lotions.  These recently redesigned diapers now have an improved environmental footprint because it uses less processed chorine free wood pulp in its core. This also makes for better absorption.

Potty Training

My daughter is starting to show an interest in using the toilet, so I’m especially interested in anything to help with potty training. With my son, I used disposable training pants, but I found those hindered the process more than anything. He didn’t feel the discomfort of being wet and I got lazy, because I didn’t worry about messes. With my daughter, I’m going to try some “green” options that will help us be successful sooner.

Hanna Andersson Training Unders in Organic Cotton—These organic cotton underpants have a four-ply crotch allowing them to hold one wet accident without soaking through to your child’s clothes. They are Oeko-Tex Certified and are sold in packs of 3. They are sized to fit your little one for a couple years. Plus, even after your child is potty trained you can still use these for long car rides, during naps or at night— just in case.

Under the Nile Organic Training Under Pants—Made of 100% organic Egyptian cotton, these trainers have two inner layers of terry liner to make them absorbent. Similar to other training underpants, they are good for one wet accident.

Around the House

Let’s face it—kids are messy. I love eco-friendly products that can minimize the messiness and dirt so I can spend less time cleaning and more quality time with my kids.

Mimi the Sardine Organic Cotton Splash Mat
—Measuring 42” by 42” this is a great mat to put beneath the seat of your messy little eater. Offered in five unique designs, these organic acrylic-coated cotton mats are easy to care for. You can wipe them clean, shake them out or even put them in the washing machine.  Now, if only they made something to protect the walls behind my daughter’s highchair…

Out and About

As someone who isn’t much of a homebody, I try to keep my kids on the go. Whether we’re going to the park, the mall, for a walk or just running errands, I like anything that makes life on-the-go with kids simpler. So here are a few of my favorite products to bring wherever we go:

Lillebaby Everywear Organic Carrier— This has to be one of the best baby carriers I have ever used—and I’ve tried a lot of baby carriers. Besides the fact that it’s made from organic bamboo fabric, it is extremely comfortable to wear. Ergonomically designed, it places a majority of your baby’s weight on your hips, minimizing the strain on your back. I am petite and prone to having my back go out, but I felt no discomfort with the Lillebaby Carrier. When my daughter was still an infant, I used this carrier for grocery shopping—I would put my son in the shopping cart and wear my daughter. This way, I still had room to put food in the shopping cart! Unlike some other carriers that can only be worn a couple ways, the Lillebaby is extremely versatile. You can wear the baby on your front facing toward or away from you, on your back, on your hip or in a cradled position. It can be used with children up to 42 lbs.

Purell Green Certified Hand Sanitizers—I cringe to think of all the dirty things my kids touch when we’re out. While I don’t chase them around with a bottle of hand sanitizer every five minutes, I do try to clean their hands before giving them something to eat. That’s where the Purell Green Certified Hand Sanitizers come in handy. Purell’s Green Hand Sanitizers are made with 100% renewable ethanol in a readily biodegradable formula. It is certified by EcoLogo to meet the program’s environmental standards and meets the USDA Biopreferred program for biobased content.

Stainless Steel 3 Tier Mini Tiffin by Zebra (Sanctus Mundo)— Technically this is a lunch box, but what I like is that it is three separate compartments that stack. As a mom, I always have snacks in my purse or diaper bag, and I can’t have just one snack. I keep cheerios in one compartment, animal crackers in another and gold fish in the third. I prefer these because they keep the snacks from getting crushed, there’s no plastic to leech onto the food and they stack so neatly so I can easily find them. Plus, they are airtight, so food doesn’t get stale.

These earth-friendly products have made my life infinitely easier at home and on the go. I hope you’ll have the same great luck with them!

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