Genetically Modified Foods: What to Know

by Leesa Raab

“Non-GMO” is a popular buzz term right now, especially in the natural products arena, and rightfully so. But while many natural product companies are joining forces with the Non-GMO Project to make it known that their food has not been genetically modified, the reality is that the government does not mandate that companies label genetically engineered food.

What many consumers don’t know about genetically modified foods is that pesticide companies are often combining DNA from plants, animals, bacteria and viruses to contain pesticides–very scary.

This has companies and advocates for GMO labeling coming together for the Right2Know March, an organized demonstration that started in Brooklyn, New York, and is currently making its way to Washington D.C. over a two week period.

“While most Americans agree we have a right to know what is in our food, the federal government has resisted labeling genetically engineered food for over a decade,” says Right2Know March organizer Katherine DiMatteo, President of IFOAM. “It’s time to demand that the government be responsible to its citizens and enact mandatory labeling of GMOs instead of pretending that GMO crops are the same as traditional crops.”

The march kicked off with a rally led by some of the prominent leaders in the Non-GMO and GMO labeling movement, including Registered Dietician Ashley Koff.

“In my new book, Mom Energy, I recommend that for one’s best energy, they avoid GMOs,” commented Koff. “I believe the act of making informed choices is key to our best energy, our best health, and we currently don’t have the right to choose because there isn’t a law requiring labeling of GMOs.”

The Right2Know march started at Grand Army Plaza in Prospect Park on Saturday, October 1st, but it’s not too late to get involved. From there, they will make stops in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland before reaching Washington D.C. on October 16th. For a complete schedule and for more information on each of the rallies along the way, click here. Japan and Europe already have a GMO labeling system in place and it’s time for the US to get on board as well.

The organizers of the march are expecting hundreds if not thousands of people to participate. Those interested in marching can learn more and sign up on the website. Although, those who cannot be physically present still have opportunities to get involved by making donations, joining the conversation on Twitter and Facebook, as well as writing letters to local representatives and even school boards to raise awareness and let them know that we all have a right to know.

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