5 Smart Snacks to Leave You Satisfied

by Alana Cowan

Here at Eco18, we’re all about snacks! A couple weeks ago, we were lucky enough to find the holy grail of all things snack food at The Editor’s Showcase presents Snack Attack in NYC, an intimate venue showcasing the best of the best in the snack world.

What we learned…

While we all suffer from an incurable condition commonly referred to as the “munchies”, there are smart snacking options that satisfy. Whether you’re craving something sweet, salty, creamy or crunchy, eco18 has you covered with five tasty and nutritious picks when cravings hit!

Olympus Greek Yogurt – Usually when we think of snacking, yogurt is not the first thing that comes to mind. Usually I like to get a good crunch going! But, with twice the calcium and protein of regular yogurts, Olympus Greek yogurt is the perfect snack that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Imported from Greece, Olympus is available in a variety of flavors including strawberry, cherry, lemon and split cup honey (made with real Greek honey!). I was really wowed by the thick and creaminess of the 2% plain–it was simply delicious!

LesserEvil Snacks – From time to time, we all experience snacking overload; that feeling you get when you can’t help but munch away until your snack bag is completely empty! Well, have no fear, LesserEvil is here. For those constantly trying to control their food cravings, all-natural Kettle Corn and Krinkle Sticks are a satisfying pantry staple that solve that snacking urge without going overboard on the calories! My favorite; LesserEvil’s Cheddar Krinkle Sticks; they are light as air but have the same flavor as a big bowl of delicious mac & cheese!

Crunchies Snacks – I always enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, especially when they are in season. Well, Crunchies takes the guess work out of eating seasonally with freeze-dried fruit and vegetable snacks that remove nearly 97% of the moisture while retaining the healthful nutrients and enzymes of natural produce! One of my favorites was the corn snack variety. They have the same flavor and crunchiness of Fritos (my guilty pleasure) with the good-for-you nutrients of all-natural corn.

SNAP Infusion – We’ve all been hearing about the benefits of antioxidant-rich superfoods, but I never thought I’d get the same benefits from a great-tasting candy – until now! SNAP Infusion features a line of all-natural “supercandy”, a quick and delicious snack made from stuff you can actually feel good about devouring. SNAP is packed with B vitamins to boost your energy, antioxidants to keep your immune system strong, and electrolytes to keep you hydrated, which is great during long sessions at the gym! Who ever thought someone would encourage eating candy at the gym? Go figure! http:

KRAVE Jerky – This isn’t your pit stop convenience store beef jerky! This is a quality, all-natural jerky made with the most amazingly unique and savory flavors. From Sweet Honey Chipotle to Chili Lime, there’s something for everyone! You can even pair with some smokey cheeses and serve at your next cocktail party!

Something we learned: Beef jerky is naturally loaded with protein, and the drying process of the beef both removes most of the fat and results in fewer carbohydrates. KRAVE is also devoid of any nitrates, hormones and artificial flavors, all-natural KRAVE Jerky has an elevated conscious, using lean cuts of domestic meat and all-natural, gourmet ingredients.

We’ll keep you posted on other favorite snack finds from time-to-time, and always feel free to share some of your in the comment section or on Facebook.

In the spirit of full disclosure some brands mentioned in this article were, are or could be in the future, client’s of our parent company, the leading healthy lifestyle agency, ADinfinitum, Inc.

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