A Cascadian Farm® Organic Picnic

by Nick Livermore

When we received a basket full of goodies from Cascadian Farm®, the Eco18 team immediately thought – picnic!! Well, lots of work and cold weather did not allow for us to have a grand adventure. We did, however, have an urban picnic of sorts and enjoyed some of their goods in the office.

Who is Cascadian Farm®? They are a Washington-based company with an emphasis on organic and healthy stewardship. They support organic farming and agriculture, the anti-GMO movement and organic advocacy and research. That’s our kind of company and we’re happy to support them! Learn more about them here.

The verdict? Delicious. The granola bars were a big hit, with everyone saying they would eat them again. Definitely a step above the majority, which taste like cardboard and contain unpronounceable mystery ingredients. Next, we made ourselves a little picnic parfait. We mixed the Cascadian Farm® granola and blueberry spread with a tub of an office mainstay here – greek yogurt. Once again, we found the granola filling and quite hearty. The blueberry spread made a nice addition, compared to most of the bland and overly sweet fruit compotes that come with yogurt.

Also in the basket were several coupons manufacturer’s coupons, so we headed to our local Duane Reade where we were impressed to find a Cascadian Farm display capping the end of an aisle! Was this fate? Yes. We believe so. We picked up some Vanilla Chip Chewy Granola Bars and a box of Fruitful O’s, the latter of which puts all the other O’s cereals to shame. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to try any of their frozen goods but, according to their website, they have a nice range of frozen fruits and vegetables.

There were two more items in the basket that you lovely readers will be intrigued to disover. A can of Muir Glen’s Fire Roasted tomatoes, which we put to work one night in a Creamy Tomato Soup, lifted straight from their site AND a lovely little cookbook filled with a host of recipes. Lastly, was a stainless steel water bottle, which we were thrilled about after our recent article breaking down the battle of the bottles!

Want to hear the best part? As you see in the picture above, they are keen on celebrating Earth Day with our community. As part of Earth Day/Week we will be giving out one of these baskets to a lucky winner. The awesome cooler basket contains the following:

–       Cascadian Farm® Organic Granola, Granola Bars and Blueberry Spread

–       Store coupons for free Cascadian Farm® products

–       A stainless steel water bottle

–       A can of Muir Glen Fire Roasted tomatoes

–       Recipe booklet

–       365 Ways to Live Green by Diane Gow McDilda

–       Stickers and an Earth Day poster

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for your chance to enter this awesome giveaway!

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