There Is A Change In Corporate Philosophy

by Dennis Machicao

If you would believe all that the Occupy Wall Street protestors and other similar groups say about business, one would think that all corporations are the evil empire that will bring down this country. Business, commerce or whatever name you want to give it, it is the blood that runs through this country’s veins. That is what gives it life.

True, there are some that have over stepped their boundaries, and for those, laws and regulations have kept them in check.  But over all, business and the corporations that run it have made this country strong and admired throughout the world.

And now with the newer generation of business people at the helm being more aware of how their corporate philosophies affect the environment and overall society, there has sprung a new corporation identity, the B Corporation.

B Corporations are ones that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. B Corporations are certified as such by B Lab, a nonprofit organization much like other organizations that certify environmental and sustainable initiatives. To become a B Corp, they have to meet standards that are comprehensive and transparent to social and environmental performance standards; have higher legal accountability standards; and support sustainable business for public policies.

Although fairly new in the business world, there are over 450 Certified B Corporations in 60 different industries. They use the power of business to improve the economy by having a comprehensive transparent and conscious corporate life that, while making profits, will benefit and improve social and environmental issues.  By supporting such businesses, you are helping society, you are helping the environment and ultimately you are helping yourself and future generations to live a better way of life.  To find a corporation that you would like to give your business to that has the “B” certification, just go to /

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