9.11 Salad

by Sue Taggart

The Waldorf Salad was invented with ingredients that were at hand at the time. The same goes for this super easy 9.11 salad. We were not allowed back in our downtown apartment for six weeks following the attack on the WTC and a really good friend offered us her apartment on the Upper West Side. It was an adventure being in a different neighborhood and a different (and even smaller) kitchen. One evening I was looking for some things to make a salad to accompany our steaks, and here is what I came up with:

Serves 2-4:

1   head Boston Lettuce

2  ripe avocados

2  large tomatoes

1  small sweet onion

shaved parmesean

Just chop everything into bite size pieces and toss with Extra Virgin olive oil and rice wine vinegar. Serve with sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

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