5 Simple Health Tips That Will Make a BIG Difference

by Juliette Baumann

For over 50 years, the World Health Organization has publicly celebrated World Health Day every year on April 7th. Each year, the celebratory day is aimed to raise awareness of a health theme that highlights a priority area of concern for the World Health Organization. This year’s theme is geared toward the issue of universal health coverage, so we figured we’d share some tips that will help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • Drink more water.You need to stay hydrated! Your body needs water in order to be able to carry out body functions, remove waste, and provide nutrients and oxygen to our organs. 
  • Get enough sleep. Everyone needs to sleep. Lack of sleep causes premature aging! Getting poor quality of sleep affects your moods, as well as increasing your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.
  • Find an exercise routine or sport that you enjoy!Daily exercise could increase your lifespan, while lowing your risk of diseases and promoting weight loss. 
  • Eat a balanced diet.Make sure you are feeding your body good nutrients! You need to be maintaining a diet that will give you nutrients that include essential vitamins. 
  • Live a life of purpose. Focusing on your mental and physical health can improve your life by leaps and bounds. Find a favorite hobby; start doing things that you love. Meditate, and find inner peace.

Celebrate World Health Day today, April 7th, by making these tips part of your daily routine! 

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