Are We Looking At Autism The Right Way? From The Mind Of Dr. Zach Bush MD

by Juliette Baumann

Dr. Zach Bush MD is known for his breakthrough science which focuses on modern disease epidemics in addition to human health and longevity. He is one of the few triple board-certified physicians in the country. He and his colleagues are committed to bringing radical change to our countries big farming, big pharma and Western medicine industries. 

One epidemic that Dr. Zach Bush MD has committed much of his practice to is autism. In the year 2000, 1 in 50 children with the birth year of 1995 identified with autism spectrum disorder. As of 2014, 1 in 59 children with the birth year of 2006 identified with autism spectrum disorder according to estimates from CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network. 

Dr. Zach Bush MD finds these new estimates alarming considering the United States is spending more money on health research than ever. The US spends more than $9,9523 / year per US citizen, yet the U.S life expectancy has fallen below Costa Rica, Estonia, and Poland. Dr. Zach Bush MD has his own explanations for the U.S being sicker than ever. 

Dr. Zach Bush MD believes the autism epidemic is just one element of our country’s chronic inflammation, manifesting in a range of diseases and conditions in all ages, from asthma to allergies. He believes the root cause of an increase in diseases, such as autism, is due to the intersection of human health and the global ecosystem and the bacterial within our soil that nourishes the plants and animals that we humans put into our bodies. 

Taking a look back into history, the last time our country faced a massive disease epidemic was during World War II. During this time big oil, big agriculture and big pharma companies came together in negative way. These companies worked together to produce a fertilizer which resulted in a significant decline in our nation’s health. This deadly fertilizer contained glyphosate, commonly known as RoundUp. This herbicide kills weeds and nutrients in our soil which made our nation sick. The contaminated soil deliberated the lack of diversity of bacteria in our gut which is necessary to absorb the nourishing properties of food we consume. These facts have lead Dr. Zach Bush MD on his mission to decrease our nations disease levels through the food we consume and how is it grown. He firmly believes that “we are pathetic in our health outcomes…running a tally of 3 trillion dollars per year of money wasted and seeing more epidemics than ever.” 

His look into the past lead him to his “aha” moment. The similarities in the past and today’s phenomenon lead him to realize that our food causes chronic inflammation and a loss of cell-cell communication. During the past decade, he and his team of scientists have identified the intestinal barrier between food and the immune system as the root of health and disease. 

The permeability of soil, food and our cells correlate with our overall health. Permeability is the measure of the soil’s ability to permit water to flow through its voids. The tight junctions in soil hold the billions of intestinal cells together that is responsible for keeping out unwanted nutrients and toxins, and let in insoluble fibers, large proteins, and carbs… These cell functions are the same ones that control the permeability of our blood vessels, kidney tubes and the blood-brain barrier.

Zonulin is the human protein that solely regulates tight junction permeability.  When the bodies Zonulin levels are low the cells cannot properly release white blood cells which go to the tissues to fight infection. This is known as a “leaky gut,” meaning smart cellular membranes have lost their autonomy and intelligence. According to Dr. Zach Bush, MD the loss of intelligence between cells is causing an increase in epidemics such as autism. 

To take charge of the epidemic, it starts with the gut. We have lost eco-diversity in our gut and probiotics are one solution to create a monoculture in our gut. Garden Life, his favorite brand recently brought a 24 species probiotic onto the shelf, yet it is not enough to have optimal cell function. To him, nature is the overall solution. Nature determines the impact of what we eat. Rich nature results in rich food. The community of fungi and bacteria in the food we eat promote better health which Dr. Zach Bush MD sees as the roof of our country’s inflammation issues, which result in a loss of microbiome and increased intestinal leak and the body’s ability to process the food we eat and adequately absorb the nutrients necessary to fight disease. 

With his finding Dr. Zach Bush MD’s new startup uBiome, focuses on ‘SmartGut™’ – the world’s first sequencing-based clinical screening test. This test helps users understand their gut health. A new era of gut and brain health has the potential to decrease the rise of autism in individuals along with other common issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

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