5 Benefits of Emu Oil

by Guest Writer

 Emu oil has been used for several years as a traditional medicine across Australia.


What is Emu Oil?

Emu oil is a by-product of the emu, a native bird to Australia. The birds are processed for their gourmet, low-fat, low-cholesterol meat and in an effort to use every part of the bird possible, the fat is filtered and sterilized, later producing the oil.

Emu oil contains several benefits due to the high amount of essential fatty acids (Omega-3’s, Omega 6) it contains.


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Here are some of the top benefits of using emu oil:

1.Muscle and Joint Care

Sore muscle and joints? Ditch your generic muscle rub and try using emu oil to ease the aches and pains! Simply massage a generous amount of oil on the targeted area, just like you would a muscle rub, and let the oil work it’s magic!


2.Skin Care

Try trading out your copious amounts of skin care products for emu oil. Emu oil has been known to help clear up skin problems and irritation including: acne, rosacea, eczema, rashes and dry skin!


3.Hair Care

Because of the essential fatty acids emu oil contains, it serves as a perfect hydrating oil for your hair! If you suffer from dry, dull hair or even dry scalp and dandruff, using a few drops of emu oil can help soothe and condition that irritated scalp and dry ends!


4.Scar/Blemish Care

When emu oil is applied, a process call hyperoxygenation takes place. When the process takes place, it temporarily draws blood to the surface of your skin, slowly taking away scars, bruises and blemishes!



Emu oil is also great for chapped lips, varicose veins, rheumatism and even has been known to ease the pains of carpal tunnel syndrome!


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