20 Random Acts of Kindness

by Patty

Today is World Kindness Day and although we believe everyday we should strive to be just a little bit kinder today we brainstormed a few ways to show random acts of kindness in your everyday life.  Read on to see 20 suggestions and tell us which ones you choose!

1. Pay it forward.  Leave money to pay for the person behind you at a coffee shop or your usual lunch spot.  It’ll feel good to do something nice for someone else and it’s a small gesture that could make someone’s day.

2. Get on your feet.  Take public transportation and are fortunate enough to snag a seat?  Offer it to someone else.  They may need it more than you!

3. Leave a Generous Tip.  Servers work mostly on tips so leave your server an extra something.

4. Call Your Parents and Your Grandparents.  They’d love to hear from you!

5. Donate.  Bring food, clothes or anything useful you may not need anymore to your local shelter or food bank.

6. Be Friendly.  Make a point to smile and say hi to people you pass by.  You never know who may need it!

7. Lend a Hand.  See someone struggling with groceries or a heavy bag?  Help them!

8. Listen.  Know someone is having a bad day?  Listen to them talk it through and give advice.

9. Hold the Door.  It’s the simplest thing but so nice to do.

10.  Say Please and Thank You.  Being polite is always kind.

11. Share your Expertise.  Everyone has things they’re especially good at – use it to your advantage.  Have a friend who always complements your cooking?  Invite them over for a lesson!

12. Talk Someone Up.  Professionally or personally look out for the people closest to you.  Know someone who is really pulling their weight at work?  Make sure your boss knows it!

13. Foster a homeless pet. There are so many in need of love!  Think of all of the puppy kisses!

14. Put Away Your Phone.  Look at people when they’re speaking to you!

15. Surprise them With a Treat.  Bring your significant other a small token of your gratitude for them like coffee in bed or a few flowers.

16. Give a Compliment.  It’s always nice to be appreciated.

17. Introduce Yourself.  We’ve all been the ‘new person’ before.

18.  Tell a Joke.  It’s always good to laugh.

19. Hold the Elevator. Especially for an intern coming back from a coffee run.

20. Treat Yo’ Self. Because kindness starts with you.

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