What You Will Be Eating In 2013

by Dennis Machicao

Here we are at the cusp of a new year and we all are wondering what this year will bring. 2013 might be a little disheartening for those that are superstitious, but lets all think positive.

The New Year ritual has begun by being bombarded with diet plans on a daily basis as if we already didn’t know that we put on a few pounds during last year and especially during the holidays. With a little exercise and a little temperance we can get back into shape and look forward to what 2013 will bring in food trends.

According to the National Restaurant Association, this year will bring some interesting and somewhat unusual trends on how and what we should eat. It is a wide know fact that the American society, as a whole, has a problem with obesity.  Europeans and South Americans are somewhat amazed at the portions that are served in U.S. restaurants. We have yet to master portion control, but we are getting there.

Restaurants will be making a conscious effort to serve healthier meals during 2013 and especially for children. With the epidemic childhood obesity rates in this nation restaurants will be serving healthier childrens’ meals to get them to appreciate foods that are good for them into their adult years.  Grown up meals will also be healthier but there still will be a choice between the naughty and nice. (butter).

And yes, portions will be smaller with the objective for diners to pick and choose what they want to eat, sort of a version of the Spanish way of eating called Tapas, where you choose a variety of foods all small portions but you get to enjoy a wide variety of tastes. This too could be part of the healthier way of eating that will be a trend for 2013.

Another trend that has been around for a while is eating local and sustainable foods but for 2013 it will gear up to a more acceptable way of cooking. Many restaurants have gone into the countryside, outside the city, to designate local and organic farms to supply them with produce. Going a little further, some restaurant will have their own gardens that they can harvest from.  This concept has been around for some time in many cities around the world with the US embracing this way of eating a few years ago and is now in full gear in meeting and surpassing many restaurants in the capitals of the world.

With Asian food being so popular with Americans, the next trend will be Asian comfort foods. Americans love Chinese food, Japanese sushi, and Thai noodles and with the growing popularity of Asian Fusion restaurants, the trend will be to merge Asian with good old American comfort foods like fried chicken, barbeque ribs and sandwiches with an Asian theme.

Lastly, the use of fruit will be something to look forward to in cooking. They predict that fruit will be used as a complimentary side to savory dishes. Also the way fruit will be prepared like frying, pickling and dehydrating it will set pallets a flutter.

So loose those extra pounds and partake of the 2013 trends in food. I’m sure there will be more as the year goes on, but these are a good start.


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