Weird Remedies for NYE Hangovers

by Guest Writer

Happy New Year….ouch. Did the New Year bring along a throbbing headache, dehydration and a sensitive stomach for you? Us too. While our go-to hangover remedy would rely on: carbs, greasy food and an electrolyte filled (probably artificially colored) beverage, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


Check out these unique hangover remedies, and give them a try if that bacon cheeseburger and fries combo isn’t doing it for you.


Pickle Juice


Unless you were doing Pickle Back Shots all night long, that salty briny liquid that comes along side one of your favorite snacks might be able to do the trick in taking away your pain. Pickle juice is often given to athletes in order to prevent muscle cramping and provide your body a replenishment of sodium that you lose during sweat, urination, etc.




Honestly, the last thing most of us want to eat when we’re hungover is healthy food. Fortunately, bananas contain a massive amount of potassium, vitamin b6 and fiber. This trio of antioxidants can work together to take away headaches, replenish vitamins into your system, and provide you with some nutrients and sustenance that’s gentle on your stomach.


Lemon…on your armpits


A go-to remedy in Puerto Rico, rubbing lemon on your armpits before your first couple of drinks is said to combat the hangover you’ll get the next day. Simply slice a lemon and massage a piece under each armpit until completely covered and dried. Cheers!


Pickled Plums


What, prune juice doesn’t sound like a delicious hangover treat? Yeah…not so much, but Umeboshi, otherwise known as pickled plums, are a traditional Japanese remedy for those dreadful day after drinking blues. The mixed effects of sweetness, saltiness and sourness are said to be a true cure all.


Fish Scrape


A Peruvian tradition to help aid in getting over a hangover? A good fish scrape. Now, we’re not saying to walk over to your goldfish tank and give your little buddy a good scrape (don’t do that!) Fish scrape is a mix of fish stock, lemon, lime, ginger and garlic that’s created into a stew like dish. Granted we understand how a mix of lemon, lime and ginger could help, we’re not sure we’re quite on board with the fish aspect of it. Who knows though? Don’t knock it until you try it!


That’s enough food-related cures, but what else is there?


Activated Charcoal Tablets


While these days, this might not seem too weird, it’s still ingesting charcoal. These charcoal tablets work to flush your liver and kidneys and cleanse them of all of those toxins you drank the night before. Take these with caution, though, since it is said to create constipation.




Some say to exercise, and some say to take the easy way out sweat while sitting still! Since toxins are released through your pores when you sweat, getting nice and steamy in a sauna could easily flush out your system. The downside to that is that, from your night of drinking you’re already extremely dehydrated. If you do this, granted we can’t think of a more uncomfortable way to spend a day hungover, proceed with caution and a lot of water and electrolytes!









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