Tips to Avoid the Holiday Blues

by Eco18

Now that the holidays have ended, you might find yourself experiencing a touch of the blues. The happy glow and warm cheer that filled the room is now replaced with a tin of leftover cookies and an empty feeling. However, you can get out of this slump and start feeling like your old self again! Here are a few tips to help you avoid the holiday blues and make the most out of this New Year!

1. Be Realistic

After being surrounded by all of that cheer and laughter, I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t miss it. But that doesn’t mean you have to be down for the count because of it. Before the holiday season even starts, be realistic about it. Try not to over do it on the sweets or alcohol; this way, when you fall back into your regular routine, you haven’t strayed too far away from it.

2. Begin a new routine

Trying to get back into your normal routine and it’s just not working? Switch it up and try something new! Go take that spinning class you’ve always wanted to do or start volunteering at a local animal shelter. Making these small changes to your daily life will give you something to look forward to.

3. Stay connected

Even though your family and friends have gone home after all of the festivities, it doesn’t mean you should forget about them. Stay connected with them and regularly check-in. Whether or not you usually call home on a daily basis, this is especially important after the holidays. Being around family and friends is always something most look forward to because they bring up the “good old days” and you all reminisce. There is no reason why you can’t have this much fun throughout the rest of the year.

4. Make Plans

You may realize once all of the glitter has settled that you look forward to the holidays for the ENTIRE year and now….there isn’t much besides a lot of snow to be shoveled. Well, make plans so that you can start counting down again! Go on that trip that you’ve always talked about or plan a girls night complete with the latest chick flick. Making a plan will give you something to put on your calendar and something to think about when those holiday blues start to creep up on you.

5. Set Goals

Take a look at your calendar for the New Year and set goals for yourself, big or small. Whether it is to lose 10 pounds or change careers, making a goal will give you something to work towards. When you are sitting at home wishing you had a pile of presents in front of you, you can work towards meeting your goal. The best part about long or short term goals? You can always set more for yourself once you’ve completing them.


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