Exercise When You’re Sick—It Might Help!

by Guest Writer

It’s no surprise that when you are sick the last thing that you want to do is go out to exercise. Whether it is usually a part of your daily routine or just an enjoyable activity, most people choose to stay home instead of getting active. However, it turns out that getting up and moving around might actually help reduce your symptoms.

The first thing you should do is take note of all of your symptoms. Doctors say to use the “neck rule”; if your symptoms are above the neck, such as sneezing, stuffy nose, and sinus pressure, exercise would do your body some good. If your symptoms are below the neck, such as fatigue or body aches, a day off to recover is the better choice. The number one rule is if you have a fever, stay home. Regardless of your other symptoms, a fever means that your body is fighting off something and raising your body temperature with exercise is the last thing it needs.

Exercises like walking, jogging, and yoga are great for when you are feeling under the weather because they will help circulate your blood and open up nasal passages. Sprinting or weight training might be better on another day after you have recovered.

Remember that working up a sweat at the gym when your sick may not be the best idea. While this may be your normal routine, think about the other people working out next to you or using your machine later. At least while you are contagious, stick with exercises that can be done at home or by yourself.

At the end of the day, choosing to exercise with a cold varies from person to person. There is nothing wrong with deciding to skip a yoga class to just stay home with a bowl of chicken noodle soup. But if you do decide to get physical, try to enjoy it rather than push yourself. You can save the intense workout for next week.

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