Tips for simplifying your life

by Guest Writer

This week is “Simplify Your Life Week,” so what better week to channel our inner minimalists?

We’ve been working hard on de-cluttering our spaces around us in order to de-clutter our minds. Here are a few tips we’ve found that help with leading a more simple life.


When it comes to food, the less ingredients, the better. Making your meals more simple can make grocery tips cheaper and easier, as well as benefit your energy levels and digestive system. When you’re making meals, less is more. For example, if you’re making a salad, try picking out one base lettuce (romaine, spinach, kale) two other vegetables (cucumber and tomato, carrot and celery, etc) one fat (nuts, hummus, avocado) and then your dressing (balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, etc). Making that salad with these few ingredients will be easier to digest, while still staying delicious and satisfying!

This doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself! Eat that cupcake when you want to!


Don’t let your workout dominate your life. Living a healthy lifestyle includes enjoying the exercise you’re getting! When it comes to workouts, try picking a different workout each day that targets a different area. For example, do leg strength training on Mondays, arm strength training on Tuesday, abs on Wednesdays, etc. This will give your body time to recover from each workout, while helping you avoid boredom with your daily workout.


We live in a capitalist society where stores, billboard and various Instagram accounts are made solely for the purpose of telling you what you “need.” Now, do you really need that sequined skirt that you’re only going to wear once? What about that third pair of Converse, just because they’re in a different color? When you decide you want to make a purchase try asking yourself these questions before hand:

  1. Do I have one of these?
  2. Is there an immediate need for this?
  3. Will this item make me happy in the long run?

If you do in fact need a new pair of black pants because the zipper broke on your one pair and you need black pants for work then, by all means, by a new pair of pants. But if you’re looking for happiness in those materialistic items, it might be time to reevaluate your spendings.

Cleaning Products

This goes for cleaning your body and your home. When you’re picking up shower or cleaning supplies, try flipping the bottle around and looking at the ingredients. If there’s a paragraph of unrecognizable ingredients listed, odds are there are unneeded ingredients in it. Try looking for a soap/cleaner with fewer and more recognizable ingredients.  Other than ingredients, try sticking to one soap until it runs out completely. There’s no need for four different body soaps, scrubs and shampoo bottles. This will de-clutter your shower and save you money throughout the month!


What’s your favorite way to simplify your life? We’d love to know!

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