They Are Among Us!

by Dennis Machicao

Have you seen them!! They are all around you, walking the streets, in elevators where you work and live, getting off on the wrong floor or not getting off at all not realizing where they are. They walk the streets aimlessly day and night not seeing where they are going, weaving from side to side on the sidewalk, crossing into oncoming traffic, bumping into objects and other people, tripping off sidewalk curbs. Mind you they make no human contact, do not talk, do not respond if you talk to them, do not look you in the eye, they just keep to themselves. Who are these beings….they are Zombies. Yes I’m sure you have seen them.

They go about with one arm extended, looking at something in their hand that has a screen and touching it with their finger. In further observation I realize it is a phone. These are the ELECTRONIC ZOMBIES!!!

But where did they come from, how have they evolved? How have we let our society be infiltrated by them? Is there a solution in bringing these beings back to normal? Questions that have yet to be answered.

They are all among us, invading our society. They could even have infiltrated your family, your home. That child is it really your child or a zombie? Your wife or husband, why don’t they respond when you talk to them while looking at this screened object. Is their leader in there telling them what to do?  Have they been infected too?

And careful, they might even have invaded your body, rendering you emotionless to other human contact, putting you in a trance that this screened object emits, taking you and not letting go of you. You can become like the others, totally subject to its powers.  Be careful, you could be next, if you are not already one of them.

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