The Truth Behind Frozen Foods

by Juliette Baumann

Freezing food has been used as a storage technique in cold weather climates for hundreds of years. Frozen foods are easy to prepare, nutritious and sensible for a busy lifestyle! With this trend on the rise, here’s what you need to know about your frozen foods:

• Freezing locks in the flavor and nutrients of foods! Some studies even say that Vitamin A, Vitamin C and folates in certain frozen fruits and vegetables are greater than their fresh-stored counterparts

.• Frozen food doesn’t exactly expire, but is better if eaten sooner rather than later.• There are organic and natural options for frozen meals! Producers are actively lessening the amount of salt and sugar in their products as per consumers’ preferences.

• Although convenient, frozen foods are mass-produced, so you may not be getting a balanced meal! 

• Seven in 10 households will throw away fresh or chilled food every month. With frozen food being measured and less wasteful, we are helping the environment as well! 

While there are many pros and cons to adding frozen foods to your diet, it’s all about personal preferences! Keep in mind that there are many healthier options for frozen foods that include organic and natural ingredients.

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