Teas for Change

by Guest Writer

Let’s be real, what’s better than spending a snow day curled up in bed with some sweats, a book, and a piping hot cup of tea? Well, here’s what’s better: Doing all of the above while still focusing on sustainabili-tea!


All too often we forget about the behind the scenes effort and energy that go into the products we consume. Luckily there are a number of tea brands that work towards promoting sustainable and ethical practices that benefit both the environment, and the workers who produce the product.


If you’re interested in getting involved in the “sustainabili-tea” movement, here’s a couple brands we suggest checking out!



  1. Honest Tea: Fair Trade Certified and USDA Organic, Honest Tea has purchased 6,722,336 pounds of organic ingredients to go into the tea they sell. Along with making sure their consumers are getting the very best ingredients, Honest Tea also works to give back to the source itself! In 2014, the company paid $200,124 to its tea and sugar sourcing communities which have since helped in improving the farming, healthcare, and education of the communities who provide Honest Tea with what makes it great!tazo
  2. Tazo Tea: Tazo Tea gets their teas and spices from hard working communities in India and Guatemala, and the effort of the communities doesn’t go unnoticed by Tazo! The brand focuses on, what they call, the “Thee Paths to Improvement”. The paths that Tazo focuses on include creating healthier communities, empowering the youth, and providing economic opportunities. From providing workshops and scholarships to the children of local communities from which they get their ingredients, to improving community wellness through clean water initiatives, Tazo Tea has proven their dedication to sustainability time and time again.
  1. Pure Leaf: Rainforest Alliance Certified, Pure Leaf Tea believes that a business such as theirs can be successful, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible all at the same time. Pure Leaf achieves these goals through the production of the Pure Leaf Tea you buy at the store. For example, the tea Pure Leaf sources from Kenya is farmed through hydro-electricity and uses only sustainable timber. And on top of that, environmentally conscious farming manages to employ over 11,000 workers and provides them with family housing, education and medical services.


  1. The Republic of Tea: Basing it’s social responsibility on the ancient Chinese practice of Ta-shun (The Great Harmony), The Republic of Tea believes that by caring about the world and the well being of one another, opportunities and goodwill manifest in the form of a better and stronger planet, and a more compassionate community. The Republic of Tea was the first international member of the Ethical Tea Partnership and has since partnered with foundations working for change such as American Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Prostate Cancer Foundation, and Sip for Clean Water. The Republic of Tea even offers a line of Non-Profit Teas with which a portion of proceeds go directly to charity. It doesn’t get better than that!


Whether you’re making a pitcher of iced tea for a barbecue or making yourself a hot cup of tea in the winter months, these tea brands are sure to help you sip your way to a more sustainable lifestyle!


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