Superfood Seeds: What are they?

by Guest Writer

Chia, Hemp and Flax.

We know what you’re thinking: I don’t get it…

Exactly! Using superfood seeds in cooking is becoming more and more popular. We see these seeds in health food stores, maybe even buy some granola with seeds in them as well, but do we actually know what these superfood seeds are and what they’re capable of? It’s time to find out.

Chia Seeds

Other than having the same name as an annoying, yet addicting, commercial where children water a “pet” and it grows “hair,” out of chia seeds, these tiny guys also pack a big punch of nutrients. Chia seeds come from a plant native to South and Central America. These seeds offer a load of benefits including: 11 grams of fiber in one single ounce, protein, Omega-3’s, magnesium and calcium.

When chia seeds are wet, they form a gel like outer lining which makes them soft and easy to eat. Try making chia fresca, chia pudding, or just sprinkle a few in your cereal in the morning for an extra bit of nutrients.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp can get a bad rap. Mostly because it’s linked to the Cannabis plant or because of the odor it gives off when your hemp jewelry gets wet (I basically lived in hemp jewelry when I was younger. Mix that with the amount of time I spent swimming in the ocean and imagine how my arm full of hemp bracelets smelled all summer. Luckily, that was a phase.)

Regardless of the rap hemp seeds have, they’re actually packed full of nutrients. Hemp seeds are rich in Vitamin E and are a great source of Omega-3’s, amino acids, iron and carotene. Blend some up in your next green smoothie and give it a taste! The taste is mild and definitely worth it.

Flax Seeds

Ah, flax seeds are my personal favorite of all the superfood seeds. Flax seeds, also known as linseeds, are a superfood seed because they contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. Don’t know the difference? We’ve got an article for that.  Flax seeds offer a high amount of fiber, Omega-3’s (think we’ve said Omega-3’s enough in one article?) and hundreds more lignans than most foods, which are known to promote breast, ovarian and prostate health. 

Try these seeds in a smoothie, or add them to some homemade granola for an extra crunch!

What’s your favorite superfood seed? (Unfortunately, barbecue flavored sunflower seeds don’t count.)


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