Solar Backpacks for Outdoor Activities

by Stephanie

With warmer, sunnier days quickly approaching, there are ways to be energy conscious by capturing the energy of the sun while traveling outdoors. Solar backpacks make it easy to charge devices, such as laptops, cell phones, and other electronic devices when you may be running around doing your daily activities. They can be useful just walking to and from work or school, or during outdoor hiking trips.

We’ve all been there–searching frantically for a charger station when your cell phone battery is at 1%. Solar backpacks use solar panels to capture the energy from the sun to help charge electronics, helping you stay connected.

How do they work?

Backpacks are convenient and accessible for almost anyone to carry and store belongings. By attaching solar panels to the outside portion of the backpack, it can be used to create clean energy. Photovoltaic cells are placed on the backpacks, which collect sunlight and turn it into energy. The panels are lightweight, waterproof, and can produce up to 4 watts of power. Leaving a solar paneled backpack in the sun for at least an hour can charge a cell phone battery for a little over an hour. If it’s a cloudy day, most of these backpacks have an AC adapter that you can plug into a car battery to help create continuous power.

Solar backpacks are a bit pricey compared to regular backpacks, but they are convenient for people who are always outdoors and want to use cleaner energy outlets. Solar powered backpacks range from $75-300.  Here are few to check out:

Eco Traveler Solar Backpack

This backpack is TSA friendly and is perfect for someone who travels frequently and doesn’t want to worry about being stopped at airports. It has multiple compartments, padded adjustable straps, an easy grip and includes a rechargeable battery.

Voltaic’s Converter Solar Backpack

Made for short commutes, with 3.4 watts of battery power, this backpack quickly charges small portable electronic devices. 6 hours in the sun charges a cell phone battery for about an hour.

Augusta Tote

This backpack is for the fashionista at heart with its naturally dyed, chemical free leather tote bag that combined style while solar panels that capture energy from the sun. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s unique and trendy while also storing energy.

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