Spook-tacular: Wicked Witch Cupcakes

by Guest Writer

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s crunch time to find that perfect costume and to start getting ready for all of those spook-tacular parties. When it comes to bringing something for a holiday, I’m not as creative at concocting recipes as Eco18’s Sue Taggart, so usually my first stop in the grocery store is the cake mix aisle. Since I have little expertise in the kitchen, cupcakes are my go-to for holiday parties. They are the perfect treat because they are delicious and with a few simple decorating tips people may mistake your creations for one that came from Cake Boss. Over the years, I’ve collected a few easy cupcake-decorating ideas but these Wicked Witch cupcakes were by far my favorite.

In order to create these no traditional cupcakes, you’re going to need: cooled cupcakes, doilies, icing, candy melts (for socks), pretzel sticks (for the legs), jelly beans (for shoes), Hersey kisses (for the hat top) and chocolate covered Oreos (for the hat brim).

To start, prepare the candy melts; you’ll only need an ounce or two in order to attach the shoes to the legs. Once prepared, dip the bottoms of the pretzel sticks (about a half an inch) into the candy melts. After the tips are dipped attach the jellybeans to the pretzels by placing them on the candy melt coated end. Allow the legs to dry until the candy melt has solidified.

While the legs are drying, frost your cupcakes however you desire. You can choose to frost the whole top or only the outside rim of the cupcake considering they are going to be upside down. After frosting, don’t throw out the excess use the remaining frosting to prepare the next decoration, the witch hats.

To make the witch hats, you’ll need Hershey Kisses and chocolate covered Oreos. All you have to do is add a little bit of frosting to the bottom of the Hershey Kiss and then place it in the center of the chocolate covered Oreo. Once this is finished you are almost done!

The last part of the whole process is assembling. Place two of the prepared witch legs on the doily and then place your cupcake (frosting side down) on top of them. After the legs and cupcake are together, place a witch hat off to the side on the doily. Once everything is in place are you are ready to serve!

I tried this decorating idea last year when I brought cupcakes into my office for Halloween. My co-workers thought they were cute and enjoyed the holiday treat! Even though I would love to claim this awesome cupcake idea as my own, I have to give credit to the blog it originally came from Sweet Simple Stuff. The author Brenda has many cute and simple ideas to spice up your everyday cupcake. To get more information on this idea check out her blog post from last year by clicking on the link below.

Now that I shared my go-to holiday treat now it is your turn, what do you usually bring to holiday parties?


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