Five GIY Picks for October

by Allison

We’ve been scouring Pinterest for some inspiration for Green It Yourself (GIY). Now that fall is here, we have been keeping an eye out for how we can change up the home and get in the spirit of the season with some inspiration from Pinterest. As an added bonus, these fun GIY projects are great ways to incorporate some green into your home and without breaking the bank!

1. Tire Fire Pit  – The best way to recycle that old tire of yours? Make it into a fire pit! This can turn your backyard in to a fall haven–perfect for roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories under the stars. But make sure you follow the instructions that Better Homes and Garden set out! Go to Better Homes and Garden to find out how.

2. Pumpkin Candle – You know the fall season is in full bloom when you start to see pumpkin everywhere. Get your home in the fall spirit with this DIY pumpkin candle. First pick a mini pumpkin, cut the top off and scoop out all of the insides. Place the wick inside the pumpkin. Then melt the wax and pour into the hallow pumpkin and wait until it hardens. After it hardens light it up and enjoy your pumpkin candle!

3. Wine Lights – We love our wine at eco18! And instead of just throwing away our bottles why not use them as a beautiful light decoration. Drill a hole in the bottom of a wine bottle. Then clean and carefully string in Christmas lights. Then Viola! You have a beautiful wine lamp! Line a couple along the window and give the room a nice, cozy feel.

4. Pumpkin Chic – Pumpkin decorating isn’t just for the kids! There are a lot of ways to decorate a pumpkin to add a special autmn touch to your home décor. We’ve found a few ideas that we love–and we can’t wait to try the bedazzled one, specifically!

5. Branch Candle Holder – Add a rustic touch to your home décor this fall. With some beautiful twigs. While cleaning up your yard, collect a bunch of twigs varying in shape and size. Then use one of your old flat bottom candle holders use craft adhesive and glue the twigs onto the side. Line three or four in a row for additional ambiance.

If you have any great DIY projects and want to share post it below. Also, if you try any of these GIY picks yourself, please send us a photo, we’d love to see!


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