No Googling for Mom

by Steve Feldman

When I sat down to compose this “Mother’s Day” article, the first thing I did was Google:  “The history of Mother’s Day”….”The first Mother’s Day”…. “How much the average Mother’s gift costs”…etc. My conclusion…I had no idea where to start because I was hesitant to appear “mushy and sappy.” I was looking for an emotionally disconnected story to tell. Truth be told, if there is one day in the year that it’s totally acceptable to be “mushy” and “sappy” .

So here’s my Mother’s Day article….all natural, no additives and from the heart.

Blossoms for Blossom.

Yes, my mom’s name is Blossom. And in my house, like most, we always celebrated the holidays. When I was a child it wasn’t too hard for me to grasp the concept that these times were something everyone shared with everyone else. Unless Blossom was preparing the feasts herself, from Christmas, to Chanukah, to Thanksgiving, and even Memorial Day and July 4th, our family would caravan to another family member’s or a friend’s home to share and enjoy the day.

Now, of course, there were those other “special” days. The more intimate ones where the festivities were usually limited to my mom, dad and brothers, among them anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and birthdays–and my personal favorite, Mother’s Day. When I was a teenager, I dug into my allowance and started buying a card and flowers for my mom because I was supposed to. I must admit, though, that I didn’t understand exactly why. As the years went on, and no matter how imperfect I proved myself to be, my mom was always there for me, non-judgemental, completely supportive, and unconditionally there for me. It was so easy for her to say “I love you”.  It was then that I began to understand just how special my mom and Mother’s Day was.  I also understood why the flowers and cards for her each year meant so much.

Blossom is quite fragile these days and giving her anything beyond a card would probably overwhelm her, so no flowers. That being said, a few weeks ago I was visiting friends in the country and it was time for spring gardening. While picking up supplies at the nursery, I walked through the flower section. Among others, I saw my mom’s favorites, tea roses. When I looked closely at the first one, the idenification card read “Tea Rose. Pink Blossoms.” It now has a prominent place in the garden. I guess my mom got her flowers anyway.

Well that’s the end of my Mother’s Day story. Mushy? Sappy? Probably. Am I a Momma’s Boy? Definitely.

Happy Mother’s Day Blossom. I love you.

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