Naturally vs Synthetic Caffeine

by eco18

We all need our caffeine fix, unless your one of those people who go caffeine free of course (seriously, HOW do you do it?) Some of us go for coffee, while other prefer tea, soda, or even snacking on chocolate to boost energy levels. But did you know there are two different types of caffeine?

Natural Occurring Caffeine

Caffeine naturally occurs in around 60 different plants, including: the coffee bean plant, and various amounts of tea leave plants. Along with consuming naturally occurring caffeine, comes a lot of benefits! Natural caffeine includes a ton of antioxidants that works to combat illnesses like Alzheimer’s and even cancer.

Synthetic Caffeine

Grab your coffee grinds from the kitchen, and then a soda from the fridge. Flip them over and what do you see? The coffee grind most likely just contain: coffee grinds/beans. Now look at the back of the soda. If it’s not a sparkling water, it will probably say: “contains caffeine.” Now, why does the coffee, which is clearly caffeinated, not say that it contains caffeine? That’s because caffeine is naturally occurring in the coffee bean plant. Since there’s no such thing as a soda plant that contains naturally occurring caffeine, corporations add synthetic caffeine into the soda.

Is one stronger than the other?

When it comes to manufacturing products with synthetic caffeine, companies tend to manufacture a more potent caffeine than what would be found in say a natural caffeine occurring tea plant. Creating synthetic, of chemical caffeine is also a cheaper alternative than using naturally occurring caffeine, which is why it’s easy to manufacture in big quantities.

While there are plenty of reasons some people don’t consume any caffeine, if you’re going to consume it, try going with ones that are naturally occurring. Plus, along with chemical caffeine, sodas and energy drinks contain a load of unhealthy ingredients as well! For a great substitute, try finding organic sodas that contain naturally occurring caffeine. You won’t regret it!

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