Naturally Red Lips

by Sammi Richardson

Red lipstick is classic and timeless. It seems as though it will never go out of style. The best thing about red lipstick is that it adds extra glam to just about any look. Especially during the holiday season, red lipstick is a must have for all the various parties.

Most people don’t realize that red lipstick has a lot of unnatural dyes and pigments in it. I never really stopped to think about it before, but it’s certainly not a positive feature of lipstick. Nobody wants chemicals and unwanted additives in their body, especially when its worn on the lips and most likely ingested a little bit. Many traditional red lipsticks contain D&C red no. 21 and related dyes. D&C red no. 21 is a synthetic dye produced from petroleum or coal tar sources. I can guarantee that nobody would want anything on their lips produced from coal. Not to mention these additives dry out your lips too.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably saying, “I love my red lipstick, but I certainly don’t want to put something on my lips that is so unnatural.  What should I do now?” Not to worry! There are many natural red lipstick shades that are now readily available. The pigments in natural lipstick are derived from sources such as fruits, veggies and minerals. At least we know and understand what those ingredients are!

Natural lipsticks are readily available, and they apply as normal lipsticks do. They are easily available in natural product stores, including Whole Foods, or even at your local Sephora or online. With prices ranging from $15-$24 for a tube, they are a bit higher than some other drug store brands, but well worth it.

Here are a few natural reds you might want to check out:

1. Aubrey Organics Ruby Frost lipstick – it gets its color from mica and iron oxide as well as strawberry, carrot and beta-carotene. The lipstick also contains hydrating elements to keep your lips moisturized, which is an added bonus. ($7.50)

2. Origins lipstick in Poppy — mixes flower and beeswax with minerals to achieve its vibrant red color. The shade is gorgeous, and one of my personal favorites. ($17)

3.100 Percent Pure’s  Pure Lip Glaze in Pomegranate – The lip glaze blends pomegranate extract with organic avocado butter. Organic avocado butter has wonderful moisturizing properties and even has natural sunscreen elements in it. The color of the shade is the exact same color as a real pomegranate.  ($15)

4.Vapour Organic Beauty lipstick in Bold — It’s part of a line called Siren that includes sixteen other natural lipsticks. The lipstick is long wearing and moisturizing. A unique thing about the lipstick is that it is designed to flatter all skin tones and nourish parched lips in style! Siren is made with 70% certified organic ingredients and 30% natural mineral pigments & vitamins. Siren’s new botanical infusion contains hydrating myrrh, rose buds, healing lemon balm, antioxidant pomegranate, soothing jojoba oil and essential fatty acid rich camilina oil. ($22)

As you can see, there are many natural options for you to choose from. Make sure you do your research before you commit to buying a tube of lipstick, just to make sure it contains the natural ingredients that you desire.

Do you have a favorite natural lipstick brand? Let us know. Sound off below!

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