No Matter How You Say It…

by Dennis Machicao

During this holiday season we often hear the traditional greeting that extends ones wishes to another on how to spend this festive season. This greeting, of course, is said in many different languages throughout the world.

Instead of staying home to celebrate some people travel to a foreign country either to spend the season with family or friends or just visiting as a tourist. And what better way of connecting with a person of another country than to speak in their language.

Even if you cannot speak the language of the country you are visiting or of the people you will be spending time with, you can connect and extend a hand of friendship by saying the seasons’ greeting in their own language. So if you do not know how to say Merry Christmas in another language this might help.

Merry Christmas – North American

Happy Christmas – United Kingdom

Feliz Navidad – Spanish

Joyeux Noël – French

Frohe Weihnachten – German

Buon Natale – Italian

God jul – Norwegian

Merry Christmas – Dutch

Feliz Natal – Portuguese

Glaedelig jul – Danish

Vesele vanoce – Czech

Boldog karácsonyt – Hungarian

Merry Christmas – Turkish

Sarbatori fericite – Romanian

Gleðileg jól – Iceland

Nollaig Shona – Irish

Nadolig Llawen – Welsh

So if you stay home or wherever your travels take you to be with friends and family it doesn’t matter in what language you say it, it all translates to wishing you and yours a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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