Makeover Your Beauty Routine

by April Donelson

The seasons are about to change, so why not make some changes to your makeup bag and beauty routine! It can be quite the challenge to change up your daily routine and makeup can be a little pricy, but making the right changes can make a major difference! To make such changes we have provided you with a few tips and tricks below from Celebrity Makeup Artist and Green Beauty Expert, Paige Padgett.


Paige’s newest book, The Green Beauty Rules: The Essential Guide to Toxic-Free Beauty, Green Glamour and Glowing Skin ($21.95) was released this September 2015 and includes everything from tips and tricks to get glamorous toxic-free make-up loos and information on what to try, buy and toss for a healthier and gorgeous lifestyle. You can WIN A COPY of Paige’s book by entering Eco18’s Instagram contest here:


Tip #1: Determine Which Products To Eliminate Before Buying New Ones

If you are a green beauty beginner it may be a bit pricy to completely replace every single item in your skincare and make-up routine, although green products are not necessarily always more expensive-now day’s as Paige mentions in The Green Beauty Rules, “Like traditional beauty products, you’ll find a wide range from drugstore and mass-marketed to luxury brands.” There are three items though that are typically the best to replace first including: Perfumes/Fragrances that contain synthetic oils and toxic chemicals, Skin Lighteners that contain the toxic carcinogen Hydroquinone and Loose Powders with talc and titanium dioxide.


Tip #2: Follow The 80/20 Rule

Your beauty routine is no different than a diet and Paige put’s it perfectly by stating, “Even with a strict nutritional diet, everyone needs a cheat day” and we completely agree, that’s why following the 80/30 rule works perfectly! Keeping 80 percent of your beauty routine clean and 20 percent can contain your favorite products that may contain some of those bad ingredients.


Tip #3: Use Your Resources To Research Products

In the new book, Paige provides six free smart phone apps to use in order to evaluate your personal care products, the most useful being EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. EWG, a non-profit organization that publishes information to protect human health and the environment has a database of over 70,000 products, so there is a pretty good chance what products you are working with or about to buy will appear on there.


Tip #4: Pay Attention To The Product’s Color/Texture/Smell

When searching for a organic or natural product online it is easy to be deceived, the product description may sound accurate and exactly what you are looking for but they are never really quite accurate once you have the product in person. Paige suggests to “Pay attention to the reviews more. Patrons will tell you in what way the color differs from the swatch or describe it more accurately.”

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