Make Valentine’s Day Naturally Sweet

by Sammi Richardson

When you think of chocolate, what comes to mind? I know that I envision a fantastic, quality piece of chocolate with nuts or caramel. Everyone’s different though. Of course it should do a good job of satisfying my sweet tooth too.  The type of candy that you prefer is best shared with your special Valentine! With Valentine’s drawing nearer, what better time than now to do a round-up of companies that offer natural treats made for the candy-filled holiday?

Even when we want to reward ourselves with a “treat”, we still want to feel good about what ingredients are in it.  One online candy store that you won’t have to worry is the Natural Candy Store.  The candy available is certified organic and deemed delicious! Their natural chocolates are definitely worth mentioning. The milk chocolate hearts are made with organic sugar, organic milk powder, organic chocolate liquor, organic cocoa butter, organic soy lecithin and organic vanilla. The cocoa butter and chocolate liquor are fair trade, which we think is fantastic. Go ahead and indulge in these hearts on February 14th! (Natural Candy Store,  $5.99 for a 10 pack of milk chocolate hearts.)

If you’re looking for chocolate with a little bit more zing and personality to it, why not visit Lake Champlain Chocolates? The chocolates available are decadent, gourmet and sure to please! All of the items are fresh and natural. The five-piece organic truffle box is something to check out. These truffles are heavenly! The box features one aztec (dark chocolate with cayenne, cinnamon and lime), Ethiopian coffee (dark chocolate with rich roasted coffee and lemon), ginger lemon (dark chocolate with tangy citrus, and zippy ginger), honey fig (milk chocolate with wild honey and figs) and vanilla (extra dark chocolate with pure vanilla notes.) As you can see these chocolates are loud and lively! The sweet treats are crafted from pure Belgian milk and dark chocolate and feature all natural ingredients. These truffles are definitely one sweet treat you shouldn’t pass up. (Lake Champlain Chocolates, $11.50 for a 5-piece box of chocolates.)

Every now and again I will find a chocolate that surprises me and I have to wonder, “How did I not know about this before?” Sweet Earth Chocolates sells entirely 100% organic, fair trade confectionary treats for chocolate lovers everywhere. They do offer a really unique chocolate, and I just had to include it in the round up. If you’ve never had a champagne truffle before, now’s your chance. The champagne truffles offered at Sweet Earth Chocolates are 100% organic and fair trade. The adorable heart shaped box contains gold foil hearts containing 11 champagne truffles that are dusted with gold! These treats would be perfect for the champagne loving Valentine’s Day chocolate lover in your life. (Sweet Earth Chocolates, $24 for a box of 11 chocolate champagne truffles.)

I find that it’s best to experiment with chocolate and find new types that can become fast favorites. If you haven’t heard of Salzon Chocolate Company before, you’re in for a real treat. They offer unique organic salted chocolate bars. I want to focus on the dark chocolate with natural sea salt though. I know what you’re thinking, salt in chocolate? Trust me, it’s fantastic. I know it may sound strange though! The salt helps to bring out the flavor of the dark chocolate. It also helps to balance the sweetness of the sugar and the bitterness of the cocoa. The taste is fantastic and very different at the same time. The bar features organic cacao beans and natural sea salt. This is one combination that you’re going to instantly love! (The Vegan Store, one bar is $3.59.)

The final chocolate company that I would like to mention is Antidote Chocolates. I saved the best for last, of course! Antidote offers very unique chocolate bars that would be great for a Valentine’s Day gift! The flavors are an original composition of sweet and savory notes through spices, flowers, fruits and nuts. Antidote Chocolate bars are sustainably made from “bean to bar” with a unique 50/50 blend of real raw and roasted organic cacao, for optimum taste and nutrition.  Each candy bar will dazzle your taste buds with an unordinary and exciting taste! Make your Valentine’s Day special with chocolate bars from Antidote. (Antidote Chocolates, $16.00 for a set of two heart bars featuring 100% raw cacao.)

With these candy choices, you’ll be fully prepared to have a naturally sweet Valentine’s Day in no time! Do you have a favorite natural candy brand that you’d like to tell us about? Sound off below!

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