10 Trees That Will Bring Joy To Your “Love a Tree Day”!

by Guest Writer

This article was updated on May 16th, 2021. 

Today is Love a Tree Day and we want to share our appreciation for trees.

Every year on May 16th, there’s a special celebration around “National Love a Tree Day”. Besides being a beautiful decoration for the Earth, trees have an array of benefits for our environment. The single most significant benefit being—they help combat climate change. Trees absorb CO2, which removes and stores carbon while releasing oxygen into the air. While doing this, the trees act as a “filter” that absorbs toxins out of the air, filters them, and releases clean oxygen in place of the toxins absorbed. In just one year, one acre of trees can absorb the equivalent of CO2 released after driving a car 26,000 miles.

Here are 10 trees that will bring joy to your “Love a Tree Day”!

Weeping willow tree in the public park

Hall of Mosses Panorama

wilderness landscape forest with pine trees and moss on rocks

Healthy, big green coniferous trees in a forest of old spruce, fir and pine trees in wilderness area of a national park. Sustainable industry, ecosystem and healthy environment concepts.

Moody Maple Tree at Sunset

big old tree

Panoramic landscape of the Colorado Rocky Mountains in Fall


Yellow autumn colored trees on a tree farm

Canopy of old live oak trees draped in spanish moss at historic Wormsloe Plantation in Savannah, Georgia, USA

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