Leap Year Traditions

by Guest Writer

Happy Leap Day!

Leap Day only comes once every four years, so we’re taking the opportunity to spread the word about quirky traditions and superstitions that take place on the unique day!


1.Women propose to their men

Not that this can’t happen on any other day, but in Ireland it’s a tradition for a woman to propose to their man on this day!


2.Hiding a bare finger

In Europe, if a man refuses the proposal from a woman, it’s a rule that he buys her 12 pairs of gloves to “hide her ringless finger.”


3.A gloomy day

In Italy, the saying goes as follows: “leap year, gloomy year.”


4.Bad luck baby

In some places, it’s believed that being born on February 29 grants you with bad luck!


5.Livestock luck

In Scotland, a leap year is said to be “ne’re a good year for livestock.”


Happy Leap Year! We hope you’re luck is everything but unlucky!

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