Keeping a positive attitude

by Guest Writer

Even though we should be channeling positive energy every day, today is Positive Thinking Day!

We thought we’d share a few tips on how we here at eco18 try to keep an upbeat attitude and a smile on our face no matter the situation.

1.Start out positive

Going into any situation with an upbeat, positive attitude, rather than a negative, doubtful one, can determine how the situation goes. If you go in positive, it’s likely you’ll be able to hold onto that energy and create a positive outcome!

2.Find pros that outweigh the cons

If something isn’t going as planned try to focus in on one pro that can outweigh all of the cons. Using that “pro” as your focal point will help you to forget about any cons that come alongside it.

3.Challenge yourself

Try doing something you wouldn’t usually do. You might hate it and feel terrified the entire time, but once it’s over you’ll be happy you took charge and accomplished something you’ve never done before.

4.Surround yourself with positive people

Friendship breakups are never fun, but sometimes they’re necessary. If you find one person, or a group of people in particular that bring your mood down, due to whatever reason, it might be time to get out of that friendlationship. Start surrounding yourself with creative, genuine and positive people and cancel out those negative people in your life.


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