Jobs and Training for Indigenous Peoples

by eco18

Australia boasts a proud and ancient native population, whose roots in this remarkable brown land trace back to the first migrations of human beings from the cradle of humanity.

Among the men and women of this ancient migration, a young woman of European descent, Gayle, the daughter of water color artist Rex Battarbee, grew up among the Eastern Arrente people deep in the Australian outback of the Hermannsburg settlement.

Gayle’s father recognized the agonizing struggle of the modern cultural shift which left the native population on the outskirts of economic growth of the new nation of Australia. Through a friendship and subsequent artistic training of Albert Namatjira, a camel team driver, Rex and Albert as well as Albert’s kin pioneered the Hermannsburg watercolor movement and created truly rewarding opportunities for native Australian artists. This movement was the birth of the Aboriginal art industry.

Gayle and her husband, Mike Quarmby married the passion for change in the lives of native Australians and Mike’s experience in commercial horticulture to further the vision of true economic opportunity for Native Australians. The Quarmbys initially self-funded the Outback Pride project and created a co-op structure to propagate and cultivate native bushfoods. Outback Pride uses this co-op structure to foster a strong sense of community among its members to create economic opportunities for Indigenous Australians.  Through this vibrant community, the project combines the knowledge of the traditional uses of bushfoods with western food practices to create end use products that are unique and serve to broaden the traditional palate of western consumers.

These unique and wonderful products are now a well-established entity in Australia with far reaching appeal and exposure and serve to expand international palettes. In addition, the project was featured with Australian Celebrity Chef Mark Olive during Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure that aired in the summer of 2010.

A newcomer to the US market, Outback Pride understands and embraces the singularity of its value and cultural purpose adding new dimensions to world cuisine.

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