Jessica Alba: The Honest Life

by Lauren Verini

You may know Jessica Alba for her roles in Fantastic Four and Sin City, but she is also an entrepreneur, co-founding The Honest Company in 2012, mother to two daughters and now she adds author to her list of accomplishments. She recently launched her first book titled The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You that is a simple and practical guide to living healthy and naturally.

Alba’s interest in natural and non-toxic products began when her daughters were born. She wanted the safest and healthiest environment for her children but when she started to read ingredient labels, she began to realize how many toxic ingredients were in everyday products. In a quest to find natural and healthy products for her family, she constantly felt like she had to compromise her style and product functionality and she knew there had to be a better way. Then in 2012 together with entrepreneur Brian Lee, internet executive Sean Kane and environmental advocate Chris Gavigan, she started The Honest Company to offer products to parents that were natural and clean while also stylish and fun.

The Honest Life takes the concepts that Alba used to build The Honest Company and acts as a simple guidebook for people who are looking to live a clean and natural lifestyle. Alba believes that living a natural and healthy lifestyle can be fun and stylish and doesn’t have to be complicated or taken to extremes. In the book she encourages readers to make small changes where and when they can, starting with something simple like “taking your shoes off at the door and opening a window”.

The Honest Life a fun and resourceful read for busy parents who want to take action. In the book she breaks down different categories and makes it simple for readers to pick up and actually take away useful knowledge they can apply to their lives without being extreme, because according to Alba, “Everyone is flawed, you don’t have to be perfect!”

The book is broken down into chapters that focus on different areas including food, cleaning, beauty, style, home and baby. Readers can choose to read the book from cover to cover or choose different topics that interest them to focus on. Throughout the book, Alba highlights dishonest ingredients that readers should be on the lookout for, honest tips that she has learnt through her experience along the way and what she calls “keeping it real” where she shares her honest confessions of the not so natural compromises that she makes.

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