International Yoga Day

by Guest Writer

Happy International Yoga Day!! Many people practice Yoga, but they don’t know that there are different types of Yoga. Yoga does not mean one single class, it has branched out into different forms of Yoga that are based on different things. Here are just four of the many types of Yoga out there!



Bikram Yoga

A type of Vinyasa yoga that is well known for having high temperature rooms, and sweat galore. This type of yoga was designed by Bikram Choudhury, who believed there should be 26 poses that would be performed in a sequential order. These poses are supposed to challenge your entire body; targeting your organs, veins, and muscles.



Hatha Yoga

Hatha means “force” which describes the physical practice of doing yoga. Usually Hatha Yoga classes are slower paced classes with no flow, or minimum flow between positions. Usually great for beginners or someone who isn’t looking to strain their muscles that much.



Vinyasa Yoga

Type of yoga that links movements with breathing. Vinyasa creates flow between poses and adds a smooth transition between each pose. Each movement is connected with an inhale or exhale. Usually a typical class includes moving through warrior poses, sun salutations, and balancing poses.



Restorative Yoga

Another type of yoga that is known for being a slower paced yoga style was developed by Paulie Zink. The poses in this yoga are held for longer period of time and it’s believed that they put stress on the connective tissue which then in turn creates flexibility. And it usually is practiced in a room that’s heated about 80-90 degrees.


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