Hurricane Sandy is Bringing Out the Best

by Alana Cowan

Here in New York, New Jersey and the tri-state area, we were hit with the worst hurricane we have seen in our lifetimes. And, for many of us, we did not anticipate the violent fury and destruction of this catastrophic super storm. As Hurricane Sandy came barreling up the east coast, tearing apart the Jersey Shore, leaving our some of our boroughs and shore points forever changed, we realized the that devastation of Sandy was real. However, many of us sat in the dark for days, perhaps nearly a week now, without power or access to information or news developments. Some of us even unable to call loved ones because of the lack of cellphone reception in blackout areas.

In this densely populated city, where we spend our weekdays enveloped in the hustle and bustle of everyday city life, attached to our smart phones and computers, we came together this week to aid those who, in a matter or minutes, lost everything. As a native to the Hoboken area, a mile square town in New Jersey, west of the Hudson river, I saw first-hand as homes were being filled up with water in mere minutes, taking with it memories and irreplaceable items. However, in the midst of sheer devastation, I am full of hope and joy over the amazing and selfless things people are doing to help friends, neighbors and strangers recover from this tragedy. (To help those affected in Hoboken, please visit

Here at eco18, we encourage you make a charitable donation to relief organizations such as The Red Cross, The Salvation Army and Feeding America. To donate, visit or call 800-Red-Cross or text the word “Redcross” to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

There are many organizations along the East Coast that are providing shelter, food and other supplies to victims of Hurricane Sandy. Here at eco18, we encourage you to make any donation possible to help those in need. In addition to the standard ways to contribute, here are a few other ideas of how you can get involved.

Help Ink: Help Ink is a collaborative project, using the sale of premium and exclusive art to help charities. With each purchase you’ll be doing your part to help charitable organizations and individuals around the world. Currently, 90% of all proceeds are being donated to the Sandy relief fund. So, not only will you be helping out local New Yorker’s in need, but you’ll be getting a really cool piece of art.

SelflessTee: SelflessTee is a fashionable apparel line that makes a difference and supports charitable causes we care about. Now, they have created a line of t-shirts to raise money and awareness to re-building and re-powering those who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy with SoPo Tees; SoPo meaning South of Power (NYC’s newest district), clever right?  Almost $10 for each shirt will be donated to a hurricane relief fund.

Eat Down, Tip Up: Since Lower Manhattan lost power for nearly a week, it had a huge impact on local restaurants. Eat Down, Tip Up is a local organization to help local business owners and their staff recover from Hurricane Sandy by tipping heavily to aid hurricane relief and help these precious businesses get back on their feet again. For more information and restaurant stories visit the link.

ShakeShack: Head over to the closest Shake Shack and order their latest $5.50 milkshake, “The Rally Shake”, and the famous NY hamburger joint will be donating $2 to the American Red Cross for every Rally Shake sold until November 11; a tasty way to help aid hurricane victims.

Tasting Table: On November 14th, Tasting Table is hosting a Sandy fundraiser in their Soho test kitchen from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Tasting Table will match what is raised, and all proceeds will be donated. Guests are urged to bring canned food and winter jackets, all of which will be donated. Tickets are $100.

Here are some other events happening around the New York  area that you can be a part of, courtiousy of Time Out New York.

Not sure where to donate? Visit Charity Navigator for a full list of charitable organizations that are doing their part for the Sandy relief. (

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