How to Incorporate Honey into Your Daily Routine

by Lieve Falck-Pedersen


Eat it for Breakfast: What better way to start your morning than by tossing in something a little sweet? The next time you make yourself some breakfast, try cooking with a little bit of this liquid gold to change things up. From something as simple as honey on toast, to a meal a little more advanced like these “No Cook Honey Breakfast Bites,” there is no better way to start the morning off right than indulging yourself in this deliciously healthy ingredient.


Liven Up Your Drink: All too often you hear about the nasty effects that excess sugar and artificial sweetener can have on your body. So instead of making your body put up with these unnatural additives, use honey as your sweetener instead. Honey can be used to liven up your cup of hot water or tea, and can even be used as a way to sweeten up your morning coffee or smoothie as well. You can find some awesome drink recipes that incorporate honey here.


Honey Face Mask: When your skin is feeling dull, drab, and dry, simply turn to your pantry rather than the expensive skin shops to find the best alternative! One of the best things about honey is the benefits that it has on the skin. In this modern age, we are constantly faced with pollution and free radicals that damage our skin—not to mention those pesky stress breakouts. Honey is filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities that are absolutely awesome at clearing up the skin and producing a flawless complexion. Here are some fantastic face mask recipes that will get you glowing: Click.


Honey Hair Treatment: There are few things as irritating as a bad hair day—so rather than just tossing on a ball cap or a beanie, honey can be your quick fix! Filled with vitamins and minerals that are often stripped away by chemically filled hair products, honey has the unique ability to attract moisture and actually act as a sort of moisturizer for hair. So when you’re faced with those dry days in winter, or the backlash of a night that included crimping and curling, try using one of these recipes for a honey conditioner to bring life back to your locks.

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