How To Dress Properly For Running

by Danielle Schufreider

If you love running outdoors, don’t let the cold winter weather stop you! Running in cold weather actually puts less stress on your body than when it’s hot and humid. Here are a few tips to safely and comfortably keep running outside no matter how cold it gets.


Dress in Layers

The key to running outdoors in cold weather is dressing in layers. Experts recommend dressing as if it’s 10 to 20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature outside since your body will warm up after you start running. Avoid wearing cotton on the layer closest to your body since cotton absorbs sweat and remains wet. Your outer layer should protect you against the wind and rain. Choose an outer layer with a zipper so you can adjust accordingly as your body warms up.


Don’t Forget Your Hat & Gloves 

Your body loses the majority of its heat through your hands and head. It’s important to keep them covered with fleece or wool. On really cold days, use mittens instead of gloves for extra warmth.


Wear Proper Running Shoes

When running in cold weather, it’s important to choose a running shoe that will protect your feet from moisture. Choose a shoe that is waterproof yet breathable and doesn’t have a lot of mesh. Trail running shoes provide the best traction on a wet or icy paths.


Always Protect Your Skin

Be sure to protect all exposed skin when running in the cold. Vaseline is great for protecting your cheeks and chin from frost bite. Use a lip balm to protect your lips from getting chapped. Don’t forget to wear SPF especially when running in the snow since the snow reflects the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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