How Each Of Us Recycle

Recycling does not come naturally – it takes time to work its way into your daily routine. Here are some ways our team members recycle. We hope it inspires you to make recycling an important part of your day!


Francesca: I was worried about the recycling situation when I moved to NYC 6 months ago as it was easy for me to be eco-friendly when I had single-stream recycling back home in St. Louis. Luckily, I found out that my building has separate receptacles for trash, paper, and plastic so I bought color-coded trashcans off Amazon to make it easy for my roommate and I to sort our rubbish as we go. I also make it a point to do as much of m grocery shopping as I can at the Union Square Green Market and bring my own bags. In the off chance I forget my bags, I will reuse any plastic bags as trash bags later that month!

Sue: I am all about recycling. Two of my favorite things are cooking and fashion and recycling plays a huge role in both. I have many pots and pans, dinnerware and silverware that have been handed down and recycled. I reuse many glass jars for storage, especially if I’ve been making big batches of seasonal soups. As for fashion I believe everything old is new again! Today I am wearing a 35 year old classic black sweater dress… it looks totally current!
Juliette: Growing up and throughout college I knew the importance of recycling but did not do the best that I could. Now that I am living on my own and constantly reading about how much our planet is suffering I cannot help but recycle as much as possible. I also sort the trash and make sure items are placed in the correct bins. I have made a conscious effort to stop purchasing plastic and focus on buying reusable items. One of the best items that I recently purchased was a reusable zip lock bag made by Stasher.
Sara: For me, the best way I’ve gotten into the habit of recycling is by always going to the same spot in my office where the plastic, paper and normal garbage bins are located. Creating a habit of throwing out all of my trash in one location that has all of these options has made me more cognizant of separating the items and making sure I’m putting them in the proper bin. I’ve also gotten into the habit of checking the package labeling to make sure that I’m recycling it in the right way!
Giselle: In my house we recycle plastic, cardboard/paper and cans. We clean all those items before adding them to the recycling bin. One thing I started recently doing is substituting the plastic glasses in the office for glass or paper cups.




Juliette Baumann