Hitting the Gym…Outside?

by Samantha Fisher

It’s summertime and for most of us that means being outside in the nice weather! Why be stuck inside working out when there is plenty to do outside. While walking the Hudson River Park along the Westside highway I discovered just how much there is to do outdoors. Below is a list of calorie burning activities to do while you’re there.

1. Free Paddle Boat/kayak rentals at pier 96 and 72nd street:

Stand up paddle boarding and kayaking are great exercises to work the core and all other muscle groups. What could be better than getting a great workout for free? When it comes to paddle boarding, balance is key. Paddle boarding engages your entire core (stomach, lower back, and upper thigh region). Paddle boarding and kayaking also work your shoulders, upper back, and chest region. For more information check out the website below.


2. The Stair Master:

Why not invent your own stair master outside? In the Hudson River Park you will find many stairs that lead down to the park. Running up the stairs not only works your leg muscles, but serves as a cardio workout as well! It is a great way to get your heart rate up. It’s been a long cold winter so give your body the change it needs and get outside and burn those calories.

3. The Bench:

The bench is one of the most universal pieces of equipment that can be used to stay in shape. While I was walking along the Hudson River Park I found it amazing how many exercises were being done with a bench. Want toned legs? All you need to do is some very simple step-ups on the bench. Alternate legs each step or do a double step. It will get your legs burning in no time. Want abs? Then start crunching. Want toned arms? Then do some dips. This bench is an all in one.

Check out this link for some awesome bench exercises:


4. Bicycling:

Yes, you can bicycle ride anywhere in the city, but there is something special about riding near the water in the summer time. Now with bike rental places such as Bike & Roll, located at pier 84 in the Hudson River Park, there is no excuse for you not to get out there and start riding. Bicycle riding is a great exercise that will help burn off those summer calories.


As you can see the Hudson River Park has many outdoor activities that are both fun and will get you in great shape. Everything you need to stay fit from paddle boards to bicycles is all right there. For further information on the Hudson River Park you could check out there website at the below address.


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