Healthy Halloween Treets

by Guest Writer

Ghost stories, eccentric costumes, and scary movies can only mean one thing: Halloween. Kids love dressing up for the night and going door-to-door for treats. However, there’s no reason that your little ones need to eat immense amounts of sugar just for the sake of the holiday. Here are some tasty snacks that will get you and your family in the spirit of the holiday and save you another trip to the dentist.

Yogurt Covered Raisins

You can buy these in the store or do it yourself! These are perfect to stick inside of goody bags and kids won’t even know the difference.

Apple Monsters

You can make these cute little monsters by cutting up an apple into fourths and then taking out the middle of each section, which creates a mouth. Then you can put jelly or nut butter inside the mouth and use almond slivers for teeth. If your child is allergic to nuts, you can use pretzel sticks instead to make it nut-free! Not limited to Halloween, kids would love these little guys after school any day!

Rice Krispies Treat Ghosts

This is the perfect snack for kids who have celiac disease or are gluten free. You can buy pre-made rice krispies treats but it would be a great after school project to do with your kids. To make the treats, combine rice cereal and melted marshmallows into a bowl. Place them onto a baking pan and refrigerate. Once you have your treats, you can dip the tops of them in white chocolate to make the face and add eyes. This is a way to satisfy your kids sweet tooth and to have a fun afternoon.

Pretzel Wands

Make your little princess or wizard a wand out of pretzels! Dip a pretzel rod into melted chocolate and add colored sprinkles for your very own wand. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even let your kids put the sprinkles on themselves. Just be prepared to clean up afterwards!

Enjoy these treats and have a Happy Halloween!!

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