Green Group Gatherings

by Melody Morrow

There are many ways to continue your green education. Taking part in fun gatherings with others who are into learning more about healthy and eco friendly lifestyle is a great way to be part of the green scene. There are many groups who organize a chapter or event in your city or perhaps a nearby city. Depending on your time commitment there is a gathering for everyone whether it be once a year, once in a while or once a month.

Check out some of the organizers. Anymore you want to explore?

Green Drinks:

  • Every month people who work in the environmental field meet up at informal sessions known as Green Drinks. They just celebrated their ten-year anniversary. Located in 589 cities and internationally as well. Founded in 2002 , Green Drinks NYC is the largest environmental networking organization dedicated to unifying the sustainable community, in New York.
  • With over 15,000 members they host monthly events to engage and connect people from a wide range of backgrounds. Networking events are held the second each month with 150+ sustainable minded professionals. The events are where people come to meet new friends, schmooze with industry professionals, find a new career, new ideas and more. It’s really incredible how sustainability has touched such a large and diverse population.

Green Festivals:

  • Just this past weekend, our staff had the chance to celebrate all shades of green at the 2013 Green Festival in NYC during Earth Day weekend. The festival is a non-profit event and project Go Green America and Global Exchange. It’s known for its inspiring keynote presentations, workshops, demonstrations and artistic installations. They offer local and national leaders, experts, and advocates, which made for a great deal of thinking and hopefully action.
  • One of my favorite happenings was scouting out the myriad of exhibitors showcasing their wares. Jewelry, clothing, food, household goods, responsible investing and books abounded. Truly amazing to see how inventive people are in creating a green and entrepreneurial niche for themselves.
  • Other cities on the Green Festival roster are Chicago, Washington DC, L.A. and San Francisco which take place throughout the year.


  • Based in NYC, Meetup considers themselves to be the world’s largest network of local groups social networking site facilitates offline group meetings in a variety of locations. It’s an online social networking portal that facilitates offline group gatherings in various communities around the world. The company allows members to find and join groups unified by a common interest such as the environment and even within that mix there could be categories such as politics, books, health, pets, careers, etc. You name it—they have got a group for it and if they don’t, you can establish one.
  • They are about organizing a local group or finding one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. Currently 9,000 groups get together in local neighborhoods each day. Their mission is for people to help change their personal world, or the whole world, for the better by organizing themselves into groups.

Merriam Webster defines the word group as “two or more assembled together or having some unifying relationship.” Hearing collective thoughts can be inspiring. Being eco-friendly could be just the right reason to be part of one.

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