Fun Summer Outdoor Workouts

by Guest Writer

Summer is here!! What a great time to be outside and enjoy the weather. And what better to enjoy the weather than being active outside. Here are some fun summer outdoor workouts!


Yoga is a great workout to do outside. You can do yoga at the park or even the beach! All you need for this workout is your mat and a clear mind. You can go through several salutations and yoga poses breathing through each pose clearing your mind of all the stress in your life.



Running is one of the best ways to get that heart rate up fast, and you can enjoy the scenery by running outside. It’s also great for your knees and body to run outside rather than on a treadmill. You can run along a trail path, the street, or even run on the beach.



Just like yoga, all you need for pilates is your mat, and a beautiful location to workout at. You can do a quick 25 minute pilates session, or go into some of the harder poses and do an hour long sesh. Whichever you chose make sure to do it somewhere calming like a park or the beach.



Another great form of cardio is dance. And dance can be done anywhere!! Bring your Ipod or your speakers to the beach or park, and dance it out! Another great idea is doing a nighttime dance workout with a group of friends, you can all wear glow in the dark clothes, how fun is that!


Let us know what your favorite outdoor workout is in the summer!!!

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