Fun Stress Reduction

by Guest Writer

In honor of National Stress Awareness Day tomorrow, we wanted to share our team’s favorite, fun stress reducers!



Boxing. I used to love it. It was the best stress reducer ever. I never did it competitively, but just landing a good solid punch into my trainers glove was really satisfying, as well as a great workout.

Also smashing something. When I lived in a house I kept a stack of old cracked china by the backdoor. Throwing a plate at the garden wall was a great release. Now I live in a highrise, I don’t smash things, instead I cook. I find the whole process of chopping and prepping very engrossing and relaxing. The best part is you get to eat some great food with a glass of wine or two – even more relaxing!



When I feel stressed I try to go to the gym and run on the treadmill, or run outside. When I’m running I can clear my mind and run the stress out of my body. I also like reading when I feel stressed because it takes my mind to another place where I’m focusing on someone else’s world, which in turn calms me. Or, if I’m stressed because I have a lot to do, I make lists. Seeing a list of tasks shows me that they are actually much more manageable than I was imagining.



My favorite stress reducers have to be: going to the beach or playing with animals. There’s something comforting about being surrounded by a large body of water that eases my muscles and my mind. When I’m not able to go to the beach, going to a nearby dog park is the second best thing. Seeing the pups run around without a care in the world makes my heart melt, and definitely makes me feel less stressed.


What’s your favorite way to reduce stress?

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