Five Reasons Why: It’s Healthy to Have a Hobby

by Lieve Falck-Pedersen

It Helps Build a Community Around You: While our family and friends are forever those closest to us, that doesn’t necessarily mean they connect with the same things you connect with. Oftentimes our hobbies are unique to us and aren’t always shared with those around us. By picking up a hobby you will introduce yourself to a new community of people who share your interests, talents, and passions. This not only exposes you to new people who you may have never met, but it allows you to express your hobby and passions with those who really understand, care about, and nurture the same.

It’s Great Stress Relief: One of the best reasons to pick up a passion is because of it’s incredible benefits on stress relief. By taking up a hobby, you have something that is there to help you cope with any daily anxieties, and that can help you take your mind off of the tribulations of day to day life. Crafty hobbies like knitting, pottery or painting are great options for keeping your mind busy with a passion, while hobbies like running or rock climbing are a perfect way to help you blow off some steam and get your adrenaline pumping.

It Keeps You Busy: While we’re all for the occasional lazy day of doing nothing, an even better (and more sustainable option) is to use your free time to explore a new hobby. If you’re the type of person who hates having nothing to do, then scheduling a class or simply penciling in hobby time in your planner is a perfect way to make sure you are constantly moving and keeping your body and mind active.

It Can Show Your Love for Others: One of the best things about taking up a new hobby is that it can often result in some pretty rad birthday or holiday gifts! A knit scarf, some homemade soap, or a freshly baked batch of cookies is a perfect way to show those around you that you care and are thinking of them– all while treating yourself to some much needed me time that lets you get in touch with your passions! Even more, proof that spending your time exploring a hobby isn’t a waste or selfish at all and can result in flourishing relationships.

It Increases Brain Health: As our bodies age, our brains age too. It’s important to remember that giving your mind a workout is just as important as giving your body a workout. To slow down brain deterioration and take preventative measures against brain illnesses like Alzheimer’s, taking up a hobby that improves cognitive function of the brain is hugely beneficial. Something as simple as reading a chapter of a book a day can make a huge impact, as reading stimulates the growth of neural pathways and increases the electrical connection between areas of the brain. Learning a new language, completing jigsaw or word puzzles, meditation/yoga, and learning a musical instrument are all fantastic options for getting your brain juices flowing and improving your mental health and clarity.

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