February GIY (Green It Yourself)

by Lauren Verini

Pinterest is the perfect place to find a GIY (Green It Yourself) project for all things  – from home improvement projects to at home beauty treatments. While we are all stuck indoors during the cold weather months, now is the perfect time to tackle DIY projects at home! We took to the Pinterest boards for some inspiration and to see what our fellow pinners are up to this winter. Here are our top 5 favorite GIY projects that are eco-friendly, affordable and most importantly, easy to execute:

Leg Warmers: We all have old sweaters lying around we don’t wear anymore. Now it’s time to put them to good use with this simple DIY project that will keep your legs warm all throughout the winter. All you’ll need is an old sweater and some fabric scissors. To get your brand new legwarmer, just cut off the sleeves starting at the underarm part of the sweater. These leg warmers are perfect to wear around the house or under winter boots.

Mittens: You can use the remaining part of your old sweater that you used to make legwarmers to make your own mittens so you won’t waste any material. To start, flip the sweater inside out and using chalk trace both hands, leaving plenty of room for the seam especially in the thumb area. Cut out the tracings and use a sewing machine to complete your mittens.

Soap Pouch: This DIY soap pouch lathers and exfoliates all at once! It’s a simple project that is  perfect for a beginner sewer and is a great way to re-use old towels. All you need is a towel (you’ll use approximately 4” x 11.5” depending on the size of the soap), sewing machine and thread, scissors, ruler, sewing pins, and of course soap! Visit the Pinterest page for detailed sewing inscructions.

Cell Phone Holder: Never leave your cell phone on the floor charging again! This DIY cell phone holder is made from a plastic container – this pinner used  a Johnson & Johnson soap bottle but there are a number of different containers you can use just hold up your phone to measure. Simply cut out the cell phone holder outline with scissors or an exacto knife and smooth out the edges with sand paper. Design the holder however you like – either with spray paint or mod podge with fabric.

Lip Scrub: This homemade beauty treatment is just what your lips need to cope with the harsh dry winter air! This lip scrub is the perfect treat to give your lips some TLC and you probably have all of the ingredients – coconut oil, honey, and brown sugar — in your kitchen already. After you use this lip scrub be sure to follow up with a hydrating lip balm to moisturize lips.

Do you have any winter GIY projects that you swear by? Share with us in the comment section below and maybe it will end up on one of eco18’s Pinterest boards!


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