Fall Inspiration

by Melody Morrow

Which word do you use to describe the upcoming season? Fall or Autumn? According to Daily Writing Tips “fall derives from an Old English verb, but it wasn’t used as a noun to designate the season until the 16th century. This use most likely developed from the Middle English expression “fall of the leaf.” Autumn as a word for the season came into common usage about the same time as Fall did. The English who settled the eastern American seaboard brought the word Fall with them from the homeland. The English who stayed home eventually adopted the word Autumn.

In any case, whatever word you choose to use, in m y opinion, the change of seasons is probably one of the best parts of living in the Northeast. The astronomical summer in the Northern Hemisphere began Wednesday, June 20, 2012 and ends Friday, September 21, 2012. When Fall/Autumn begins, Mother Nature takes over in her grandest style. There is wonder in every season, but autumn is the most wonderful.

There are so many Fall fun and inexpensive things to do to make your senses come alive. Experiment with new scents, tastes, colors. Celebrate the season in addition to the traditional holidays. Create a new tradition, big or small. Share them online or with someone’s company you enjoy.

  1. Drinking hot apple cider accompanied with a cinnamon stick.
  2. Creating a Fall centerpiece with favorites from nature like pinecones, gourds, fruit, nuts with shells, and of course fall colored M & Ms!
  3. Carving not your thing? Then designing an eco-friendly pumpkin by asking friends, kids or just you to write words of inspiration on it. Use non-toxic paint or crayons.
  4. Photographing a sunset at the same time every night to see how the sunset changes.
  5. Lighting a spiced scented soy candle and turning the lights down low.
  6. Picking apples at an orchard.
  7. Snuggling with a handmade blanket or finishing off the blanket you said you were going to make three years ago.
  8. Raking a pile of leaves, picking out your favorites and then frame them.
  9. Visiting a botanical garden.
  10. Strolling through a local farmer’s market to support farmers making sure you get the story of how the farmers produce their goods.
  11. Going to an afternoon tea. Ask for an herbal blend you haven’t tried, Dip some organic honey in your cup.
  12. Gazing at a fireplace while making s’mores. Use fair trade chocolate, graham crackers from a natural product company and find funky artisan marshmallows for your own signature s’mores. If you can’t find a “real” fireplace do what I do. Get a fireplace video for your TV screen and make the s’mores on a gas oven! Of course, eat them in front of your new fireplace.
  13. Buying back to school eco-friendly supplies even if you’re an adult.
  14. Planting a seasonal vegetable.
  15. Buying a bouquet of fall flowers.
  16. Taking a weekend trip to see the leaves change color and of course, take photos.
  17. Shopping at a thrift store for a lightly worn, comfy sweater.
  18. Warming up a gluten-free brownie or chocolate chip cookie made from natural ingredients.
  19. Buying an inexpensive broom and decorating it.
  20. Creating an eco-friendly vision board of what you would like to do during the change of seasons.
  21. Signing up for a class on Fall horticulture.
  22. Playing Scrabble and getting double points for “green” words.
  23. Popping some healthy popcorn. You can buy the kernels in a bag or jar and put some olive oil in a saucepan over a burner. Pop them the old fashioned, inexpensive and certainly a healthier way. Season with a flavored salt.
  24. Playing songs dedicated to the season–create your own play list. http://womc.cbslocal.com/2010/09/07/top-10-songs-for-fall/
  25. Creating a Pinterest account showcasing how you celebrate the season.


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